When Breastfeeding Feels Broken

Words and Photos by Jayme Jo Ebert As postpartum doulas, we aim to support our clients and their families in whatever capacity is most helpful. Oftentimes breastfeeding is of utmost importance to these families, so naturally we spend a lot of our time working alongside mothers to help them achieve their goals. While we do […]


Let’s Take Back Postpartum

Word associations are important. Let’s make a change. By Hallie Rogers   |   featured image by Twenty20   Let’s talk about the word “postpartum” for a moment. When they hear this word, many people would say they think of depression. A Google search using simply the term postpartum reveals pages of references to postpartum […]


What Bringing a Meal Really Means

As my husband and I welcomed our fourth child into our family over the past nine weeks, we have marveled once again at the generosity and kindness of those who brought us dinner. We had a number of friends and family deliver meals to our home after the births of our first and second children, […]