Nesting, Postpartum Style

You’ve had the baby shower, washed and folded all those sweet little clothes, and set up an Instagram-worthy crib. What more is there to do but wait?

Many of our clients come to us so fully and wonderfully prepared for everything right up to the moment their little one(s) arrive. It is oftentimes only until the day they get home that the stark realization sets in: “I WASN’T READY AT ALL!!!”.

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It's not an end. It's a beginning.

The first moment after birth--the first postpartum moment in that family's existence--means everything has changed. Everything is made new. The parents are beginning to know and be formed by their new little one. The baby is beginning to know and be formed by his or her parents. Then, of course, this expands into every person and creature this baby will encounter along the way, from siblings to relatives to friends, teachers, pets, gardens, and on and on and on.

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