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Kid-Friendly and Drive Through Coffee Shops

With chillier temps finally here, a cozy coffee shop can feel like a welcome snuggle away from the intensity of a Minnesota winter. But which local coffee shops are family friendly? Where can families find easy to access drive through coffee shops or fun play areas for the littles? Below, our postpartum doula team shares their list of coffee shop favorites from across the Twin Cities, Rochester, and Duluth. Read on, and don’t forget to share your favorites too!

Six Tips for Babywearing in Warm Weather

Ready or not, summer is here! But just because our Minnesota summer is bringing the heat (and humidity) it doesn’t mean you have to forego being outdoors with your little one. It does, however, mean that you might have to adapt some of your babywearing strategies to keep your baby (and yourself) cool. Read on for a few tips for safe and comfortable babywearing in warm weather:

5 Tips for Preparing to Pump At Work

The stressful and exciting transition of going back to work comes faster than expected for most parents. While the nights feel long, time seems to have flown by when you are on parental leave. There are lots of feelings warring for attention whenever you go back to work, be it after six weeks or six months. If that’s the case for you, you are in good company.

Introducing a New Sibling

Introducing your older child(ren) to a new baby can be one of the most joyous moments, but it can also cause some anxiety for some. Here are some tips for how to help your older child(ren) meet their new brother/sister in a way that feels joyful and loving, rather than confusing or overwhelming. These are most relevant for when you are having your new baby at an out of home location. Take what you like and what works best for your family!

Finding Mom Friends

As a new parent, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by emotions, responsibilities, and expectations. We’ve all been there—the moment when you realize that you are drowning, and the only thing you want to do is eat a bunch of ice cream, collapse into bed, and not be needed for the next eight hours. While rest is always a good idea and a priority for a new parent (or even an experienced one!), we tend to push away something that we all actually, truly need: friends.

When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work

When I was pregnant with my oldest child, I had many friends who were in the midst of raising their second or third child. I admired these friends in many ways, and was hopeful that I would look just like them: snuggling my newborn skin-to-skin, feeding him or her with my own body as I had for the past nine months, and breastfeeding with (what appeared to be) ease. That was not the way it worked out.

Expecting? 5 New Year Resolutions for You

Welcoming in a new year is always a big deal, but this year, we are also welcoming in a new decade. If you’re expecting a new baby (or multiple new babies!) in the new year, here are some new year resolutions that might feel particularly relevant.

Fall DST Survival Guide

I wish Fall Daylight Savings Time meant wonderful things, such as fluffy puppies, brown paper packages tied up with strings on my doorstep, or an hour (or two!) of zero interruptions. But no. It’s one the two days of the year that strikes fear in the heart of many parents who have young children. Soon, Daylight Saving Time (DST) will be here, and with it, the times will be changing. But have no worries – it doesn’t need to wreak havoc on your child’s sleep. With some planning and small adjustments, we can get your little one (and you!) through the time change and come out just fine. There are several thoughts on how to best adjust for DST, one being that you start adjusting your child’s schedule before moving the clock back. Or there’s the strategy that means you adjust your child after the time change. I find that the latter works better for more families, so we’ll walk through how to adapt your child’s schedule AFTER the clocks turn back the hour.

5 Ways To Parent For the Planet

With the Amazon rainforest burning, the arctic melting, and worldwide climate strikes happening, we are left to wonder what we can do to address this often-overwhelming and anxiety-producing outlook on the future of our planet. While there are certainly large-scale changes that need to be made, sometimes legislation and the discussions of world powers can leave us feeling a bit helpless as individuals. So, we wanted to focus this month’s blog post on five ways that parents can promote a healthy Earth in the choices we make every day. Read on for some simple (though not necessarily easy!) things you can do as a family to parent for the planet.

Four Postpartum Tips for When You Have Older Kids

By afternoons, I had texted my husband approximately 47 times about his arrival time that evening, Facetimed with my sister and her kids, and asked my mom to watch someone so I could go to the bathroom. I probably read a few blogs and dreamed about a dinner on wooden plates with copper napkin rings or a flat lay of something involving lavender stalks…

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5 Keys to Unlocking the Best Postpartum Time

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