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Postpartum On the High Seas

Three weeks after our son was born, my husband flew to India to meet his ship. I was gripped with fear the day he left, and rightfully so. It was the hardest thing I ever did – an indeterminate amount of time taking care of everything in our lives, including our newborn son. The same joy of being in a foreign country became suffocating and isolating. Preparing for labor seemed easy, because it was a destination I reached and then moved on from. But you can’t shake postpartum; the only way is through.

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Better Beginnings For More

In this age of the fast, the busy, the distracted, and the over-committed, we believe in the slow. We believe in the tender. We believe in the attentive, and we believe in the commitment. As trained professionals who continually seek more knowledge to support families in their postpartum time, we offer a calm, experienced, professional presence unlike anything else. And we believe all families deserve this sort of care after they have a baby. It's as simple as that.

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