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My Pregnancy With Breast Cancer

Life is never a straight line. I knew that, but what I didn’t know was what would make mine veer off course. It turned out to be a real doozy: I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33 years old while pregnant with my son. Some days it still feels like an awful dream, but my breast cancer during pregnancy did indeed happen, and I am still here to tell my story.

A Postpartum Doula’s Baby Registry

Creating a baby registry for a first-time parent can be a stressful endeavor. With new products constantly being added to the market and a wealth of information available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at where to begin. One of the benefits I have as a postpartum doula awaiting my first baby has been the ability to try out and see many baby products.

A Home Birth Memoir – Part 3 – All the Home Birth FAQs!

If you’re considering a home birth, or just curious about what it may look like, chances are you have some questions. In this last section of our home birth series, we’ll cover the most commonly asked questions and help dispel any myths.

My Story: Pregnancy After Infertility

Three years ago, my husband and I decided that we were ready to grow our family and become parents. Being “young and healthy” from a medical standpoint, we believed this would be a pretty straightforward process. As someone who likes to have a solid plan, we even talked about the ideal time of year to welcome our first child, believing we would be able to have control over this.

A Home Birth Memoir – Part 2

The night was just cool enough to pinken my cheeks as I journeyed down my quiet suburban street back toward home. The sight of a very vocal pregnant woman, waddling with the aid of two people, may have caused concern for several neighbors who witnessed it, but it didn’t matter – I was doing the work. During a particularly intense contraction, I threw my head up to the sky. There were the same stars and moon from earlier. There returned the same gratitude, strength, and solidarity with everyone else doing the work of birth.

A Home Birth Memoir – Part 1

Morning sun danced on my bedroom wall, peeking through curtains swaying gently with the fall breeze from the open window. My eyes slowly opened as my hands, out of habit, moved toward my belly to greet my baby. As if in response, I felt my first, ever so gentle, contraction. A smile took over my face. It was happening.

To the New Mother Expecting Her First Child

Before you have your first baby, motherhood can be a mystery. Those who have never parented a baby before may not truly understand what to expect, yet it can be comforting to hear what experienced parents have to say. We asked some mothers we know to share some of their tips and thoughts on motherhood for our readers, especially those readers who may be expecting their first child. Some of these women just had their first baby a few months ago, and some of them had their first child over a generation ago. Enjoy these kernels of wisdom from moms who have been there!

The Covid-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, then you probably are wondering whether or not you should get the COVID-19 vaccine. With diverse viewpoints and conflicting opinions, it can be so challenging to navigate this decision. Here, we outline the context and summarize the recommendations of leading maternal, fetal, pediatric and lactation organizations.

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5 Keys to Unlocking the Best Postpartum Time

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