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Postpartum On the High Seas

Three weeks after our son was born, my husband flew to India to meet his ship. I was gripped with fear the day he left, and rightfully so. It was the hardest thing I ever did – an indeterminate amount of time taking care of everything in our lives, including our newborn son. The same joy of being in a foreign country became suffocating and isolating. Preparing for labor seemed easy, because it was a destination I reached and then moved on from. But you can’t shake postpartum; the only way is through.

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Postpartum Doulas and The Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester is the time when a baby is changing and developing rapidly—as if they were still in the womb—for the first twelve weeks or so, while their parents also change and develop rapidly to learn their baby and learn themselves in their new roles as parents of this baby. As beautiful as this concept may be, it can still leave many people wondering what postpartum doulas actually do, and what it has to do with the fourth trimester. Here is a sampling of our role over the first 12 weeks of life with a newborn.

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Back to Work and Breastfeeding

We currently live in a culture that pretty much worships the “freezer stash”. While these photos of hundreds of ounces of milk look very impressive, it is often the case that much of these mega milk stashes get either donated or thrown away. Unless you are going to be away from your baby for months at a time, this is just not necessary for a majority of working mothers (queue deep breath).

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