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5 Tips for Preparing to Pump At Work

The stressful and exciting transition of going back to work comes faster than expected for most parents. While the nights feel long, time seems to have flown by when you are on parental leave. There are lots of feelings warring for attention whenever you go back to work, be it after six weeks or six months. If that’s the case for you, you are in good company.

Finding Mom Friends

As a new parent, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by emotions, responsibilities, and expectations. We’ve all been there—the moment when you realize that you are drowning, and the only thing you want to do is eat a bunch of ice cream, collapse into bed, and not be needed for the next eight hours. While rest is always a good idea and a priority for a new parent (or even an experienced one!), we tend to push away something that we all actually, truly need: friends.

Your Top 5 Formula Questions, Answered

As postpartum doulas, we often get asked questions about infant formula and formula-feeding.  While we advocate and promote breastfeeding, and thoroughly believe in the magic of breastmilk, we also recognize that there are many women who choose not to breastfeed or are unable to breastfeed or pump milk, and so use formula to feed their babies.  Sometimes, this is not a choice, due to physical factors in the mother or the baby.  And other times, it is a choice, perhaps made in order to protect a mother’s mental health.  Yes, breastmilk is magical, but a healthy, happy mom is pretty magical, too.  And sometimes, this means formula.  Regardless of why a family is using formula to feed their baby, there are lots of great questions out there.  Here are the five formula-related questions we get asked the most often.

Postpartum On the High Seas

Three weeks after our son was born, my husband flew to India to meet his ship. I was gripped with fear the day he left, and rightfully so. It was the hardest thing I ever did – an indeterminate amount of time taking care of everything in our lives, including our newborn son.

Postpartum Doulas and The Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester is the time when a baby is changing and developing rapidly—as if they were still in the womb—for the first twelve weeks or so, while their parents also change and develop rapidly to learn their baby and learn themselves in their new roles as parents of this baby.

Back to Work and Breastfeeding

After the initial wave of adjustment to life with a baby has just started to settle out, many new mothers find themselves having to face a second, sometimes more intimidating transition in having to return to work. Below you’ll find all of our most common questions on this subject, and we’ll discuss how to approach continuing to breastfeed while returning to work. Hopefully, we will leave you feeling a little more prepared for this next step. Let us know if you’ve got more wonderings for us. We are happy to help!

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5 Keys to Unlocking the Best Postpartum Time

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