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Packing Your Diaper Bag for the State Fair

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The Great Minnesota Get-Together is upon us here in Minnesota! Like you, we know how good it feels to celebrate some of the last warm days of the season. So what are the diaper bag essentials for a jaunt to the Fair with your baby? We asked our doulas, and here is our running list of state fair (or any warm weather) favorites.

First, the essentials

We would be remiss if we didn’t share the standards that we encourage our clients to stock in their diaper bags, whether on a trip to the Fair or a trip to the grocery store. This list includes things like: a portable changing pad, extra diapers and wipes, diaper cream, burp cloths, “wet” bags for soiled clothes, and hand sanitizer. Also helpful to carry in your diaper bag is an extra change of clothes, not just for your baby but for parents as well. We never know when (or on whom) the unexpected spit up or leaky diaper might happen!

If you are bottle-feeding breastmilk, remember that it is good for about five hours at room temperature. If you plan to be out and about in warm weather, it’s best to keep it chilled. Powdered formula is typically only good for one hour once prepared, so pack the bottle of water separately alongside a handy container for portioned formula powder. Alternatively, use something like the Ceres Chiller bottle to keep your breastmilk or prepared formula cold for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that formula that is pre-prepped is good (if kept fully chilled) for 24 hours.

If you are exclusively pumping and plan to be out and about for several hours, you’ll likely need to pack a breast pump in your diaper bag. Keep things simple by using a hands-free pump that you can tuck into your bra, or try packing a lightweight manual pump, such as the ones from Medela or Lansinoh

Snacks and hydration for parents

Okay, this is an essential, too! We spend so much time thinking about our littles that it can be easy to forget about the grownups. Make sure to pack high protein snacks and plenty of water or other hydrating beverages into your diaper bag when out and about at the Fair. Or, this goes without saying, make a plan to visit your favorite food stands.

Gel bead ice packs

Gel bead ice packs like these ones can be tucked in between the layers of your baby’s carrier on particularly warm days. If you don’t have a gel pack handy, simply wet a washcloth, fold it in quarters, place it in a sealed Ziploc bag, and freeze it!

Portable fan

Portable fans, including ones with a misting function, are a great addition to your diaper bag when heading to the Fair. Hang it from your stroller or clip it on your carrier to keep everyone comfortable.

Want more info on staying cool while wearing your baby? Check out these tips on babywearing in warm weather.

Sun protection

It isn’t recommended to use sunscreen on your baby until six months of age. If your baby is under six months, it’s best to plan for hats and lightweight clothing to shield from the sun. Alternatively, get out to the Fair early to avoid the sun’s intensity. Beginning at six months, sunscreen is encouraged for infants, big kids, and grown-ups alike.

What are your go-to items to pack in your diaper bag for the State Fair (or elsewhere)? Share below!

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