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Why Better Beginnings?

Why is Better Beginnings the best choice for postpartum doula care in the Twin Cities? We are not a very large agency, and while large agencies have their benefits, there are some real perks to working with a smaller company when searching for postpartum and lactation support for your family. Postpartum is our passion. We are focused on all things postpartum. We don’t try to do everything from pregnancy through birth and beyond, because we believe the postpartum time, in all its unique needs and challenges, deserves a focused, attentive approach.

8 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health in Your Postpartum Time

In the postpartum world, there are two main categories of mental health that professionals like postpartum doulas are trained to recognize and discuss with clients. The first category is called the “Baby Blues” and 4 out of 5 new moms, or 80%, experience this stage. The Baby Blues usually go away on their own, and most parents don’t need any formal treatment. Parents with the Baby Blues may feel sad and cry a lot, feel moody or cranky, have trouble sleeping, eating or making decisions, feel overwhelmed, or feel that they can’t do a good job of taking care of their baby. The Baby Blues can start 2 to 3 days after you have your baby and can last up to 2 weeks.

Better Beginnings For More

As we near the end of 2018, I am pleased to announce a very exciting change we are implementing to the way we do business. When I founded Better Beginnings in the spring of 2013, my main goal was to help other moms and families after they had a baby. My own experience of the postpartum time was challenging, and I recognized a gap in care for families, as so much emphasis and attention is paid to prenatal care and childbirth itself, but very little formal care is provided in the days and weeks following birth.

4 New Parent Sleep Hacks that Really Work

Congratulations, new parent! Having a newborn is so amazingly beautiful; there is nothing quite like the sweet cuddles and smells of a newborn baby in your arms, especially if you’ve waited a long time to be a parent. But, as you have probably learned by now, the postpartum time is also filled with its share of challenges.

Books for Big Brothers and Sisters

Adding a new baby to the family brings a lot of excitement and joy. However, children who are waiting for a baby brother or sister to be born may have a range of emotions and reactions as they wait those weeks and months, watching their mother’s belly grow. During the pregnancy, changes may happen to their room, their home, their place in the family vehicle, or their ability to be picked up or carried by mom. In these ways and more, a new baby can also bring confusion, uncertainty, and challenge.

Back to Work and Breastfeeding

After the initial wave of adjustment to life with a baby has just started to settle out, many new mothers find themselves having to face a second, sometimes more intimidating transition in having to return to work. Below you’ll find all of our most common questions on this subject, and we’ll discuss how to approach continuing to breastfeed while returning to work. Hopefully, we will leave you feeling a little more prepared for this next step. Let us know if you’ve got more wonderings for us. We are happy to help!

A Quick Guide to Postpartum Nutrition

As postpartum doulas, we prioritize a mother’s rest, nutrition/hydration, and mental health. We know that when a new mother has what she needs in these areas, she will thrive. And when a new mother thrives, her whole family usually follows suit. You can support yourself through proper hydration and nutrition in the postpartum time and beyond. When we eat well, we feel well.

The Best Breakfast Cookies for Your Postpartum Time

I don’t think I’ve ever been more hungry in my life than the three months after I gave birth to my daughter. Going from barely being able to eat half a plate at nine months pregnant, to confidently ordering (and eating) two entrees just two months later, it seemed as though my hunger was about as constant as my newborn’s. Though I had made some freezer meals, we burned through them easily in the first two weeks post-baby. I was desperate for quick and hearty nutrition, specifically stuff that I could handle with one hand, because the other was inevitably managing a suckling or sleeping babe.

Nesting, Postpartum Style

Many of our clients come to us so fully and wonderfully prepared for everything right up to the moment their little one(s) arrive. It is oftentimes only until the day they get home that the stark realization sets in: “I WASN’T READY AT ALL!!!” Having a baby is truly a tricky thing to get your mind around. We tend to prepare as if this little human comes just needing the basics: clothes to wear, breastmilk or formula to drink, and something to put bodily waste in. While all of these things are a great start, it isn’t until one sees the reality of life with a new baby that they can start to bridge the gap in understanding, the HOW in all of this. How do I dress a newborn? How do I learn to breastfeed? How do I find time to eat or sleep or pee? How often do I change diapers? How do I manage eager visitors? How do I begin to heal my body? How do I process this huge change in my life?

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5 Keys to Unlocking the Best Postpartum Time

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