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Why We Love Midwifery Care

Here at Better Beginnings we gush over the amazing, compassionate, stellar midwives in the Twin Cities, Duluth, and Rochester communities and beyond. If you do a Google search for “midwives near me” you’ll find many options, but why do we love midwifery care so much? A few reasons, actually…

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Midwives meet a critical need for patients and babies who are low risk and healthy.

You can find midwives of various types at out-of-hospital birth centers, in labor and delivery units at hospitals, and yes, at home births. As the demand for skilled obstetric care increases in both rural and urban areas, midwives fill a critical gap. This is especially true for parents who are drawn to a care model that focuses on patient-centered care with minimal interventions.

Meet the Certified Nurse Midwives of Hennepin Health, Twin Cities

Midwives allow for more time at prenatal and postpartum visits.

A hallmark of the midwifery model of care is to spend valuable time getting to know patients and their families. This often means that the appointment slots for both prenatal and postpartum visits are more robust. Extra time allows parents to ensure that every one of their questions is answered and that they feel truly supported.

Meet the Certified Professional Midwives of Advent Midwifery, Duluth

Midwives are supportive of evidence-based practices in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

An additional tenet of the midwifery model of care is to put into practice what the latest evidence and research demonstrates. This means not offering care based on “how it has always been done” but rather, “how it ought to be done”. This might offer you, for example, greater freedom to be more upright in labor, to have uninterrupted skin-to-skin time with your baby/babies after birth, or a more welcome attitude toward having a doula at your birth.

Meet the Certified Professional Midwives of Rochester Community Midwives, Rochester

Midwives can flex with your changing needs in labor.

We know that birth doesn’t always go as planned. Home birth or birth center midwives have plans in place to transfer your care to an OB and/or hospital if there is a need to do so. These reasons might include:

  • A desire for an epidural or other pharmacological pain relief
  • A need for labor augmentation, such as pitocin to help labor along
  • A potential health concern for either mom or baby. 

If you are planning a home or birth center birth, it’s a good idea to ask detailed questions about your midwife’s transfer policy. If you are seeking midwifery care in a hospital setting under the care of a certified nurse midwife, in many instances your midwife will continue to provide care even while you have an epidural or some form of labor augmentation. (Note: A transfer to an OB might be needed if a health concern for you or your baby falls outside a midwife’s scope of practice.)

Meet the Certified Nurse Midwives of the Minnesota Birth Center, Twin Cities

Midwives save healthcare dollars.

That’s right! The average midwife-attended vaginal birth bills about $2,000 less than a comparable birth attended by a physician. Of course, cost savings depends on the details of your insurance as well as your specific care needs. But on the average, a midwife-attended birth can come out to an overall lower billed cost.

Meet the Certified Professional Midwives of Trillium Midwifery, Twin Cities

“Should I have a midwife at my birth?”

We serve many families who have loved their midwives and truly couldn’t imagine their birth without them. So should every family utilize a midwife?

Meet home birth midwife Alisha of The Birth Servant, Duluth

While the above reasons why we love midwives are all true in general terms, it doesn’t mean that midwives are the best fit in every circumstance. Additionally, we’ve served many families who have absolutely loved the obstetricians and family physicians who attended their labors. What is ultimately most important is the trust you feel in your provider.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I feel at ease and unhurried when I am at my prenatal appointments?
  • Does my provider answer my questions thoroughly?
  • Do I leave my visits feeling supported, empowered, and informed?

If the answers to any of these questions is no, it might be a good opportunity to look at other care options. We’ll always be fans of midwives, but we are fans of patient-centered, compassionate, and empowering care from any provider.

Do you have a favorite Minnesota midwife? Share the love in the comments! Here are some more of our favorites:

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