Our postpartum doula care is what we are most known for. 

We provide the Twin Cities' best postpartum support by offering professional expertise and experienced, peaceful presence.  



Build your own customized postpartum support package to meet your family's unique needs. We can create the perfect combination to enable a smooth transition into life with your newest little one(s).  Every package includes one prenatal meeting/team consultation, exclusive resources and information, your contracted hours of our premier postpartum support, discounts on all our other services, and unlimited phone and e-mail support from the moment you hire us. 

Daytime postpartum doula support is excellent for seasoned parents who know the value of good support those first days, and for first-time parents who want personalized education on caring for their newborn(s). We’ll cover baby basics such as diapering (cloth or disposable), clothing, bathing, cord care, circumcision care, safe sleep, baby soothing techniques, bedtime routines, and baby-wearing (using wraps, slings, carriers, etc.). We’ll also assist and support your feeding choices. We have significant breastfeeding experience, knowledge, and resources at hand to support the nursing mom, and we also can help bottle or formula-feeding parents get off to the best start, too. To honor this important and precious “babymoon” time, we’ll take care of household needs or hold baby/babies while you nap, shower, get some fresh air, or just relax. We recommend starting with a minimum of 20 hours (five visits of four hours each) of daytime support. Minimum daytime visit length: 3 hours.

Overnight postpartum doula support is perfect for families with multiples or parents who simply need the occasional good night’s sleep or a chunk of hours’ rest they can count on to fuel them the rest of the week. We support your nighttime parenting by sharing strategies with you when appropriate, and help you gain confidence in your own ability to parent your baby/babies through the night. If you’re breastfeeding your baby/babies, we bring them to you (or wake you) to feed. Our goal is to help you feel empowered to night parent your baby your way. We recommend starting with a minimum of 24 hours (three visits of eight hours each) of nighttime support. Minimum nighttime visit length: 8 hours.

Packages start at 20 hours and you can "mix and match" day and night support to make the perfect combination for you.


20-199 contracted hours: $40/hour

200-399 contracted hours: $39/hour

400+ contracted hours: $38/hour



Daytime and/or nighttime support by the hour at a rate of $42/hour. Subject to availability. Minimum daytime visit length: 3 hours.  Minimum nighttime visit length: 8 hours.