fourth trimester photos


Some of our most treasured photos…

...are in the days and weeks just after my daughter was born. These are not professional quality shots by any means. They were taken in fleeting moments by those around me at that time, just trying to capture all that love. In these photos I look like I was tossed around in the dryer for a bit: frizzy hair, pajamas all day long, spit up on my shoulders and back. But there’s this look I am giving in all of them. It’s a look of awe and wonder, of the shocking intensity and the poignant stillness that is the postpartum time. It’s a look of my heart wide open, so incredibly vulnerable, yet braver than I have ever been.

As a postpartum doula I see mothers giving this sort of look all the time. As a photographer, all I want to do is capture it in all its mess and glory, the wonder that is this little slice of time. I want to show you just how beautiful you are in these long days and nights, without all the fuss and right in the middle of the mess that is motherhood. Will you let me?

 - Jayme Jo Ebert

Your photoshoot includes:

  • A two hour, day-in-the-life shoot of you and your family in the days and weeks following the birth of your child or children. Daytime hours only.

  • 30-40 edited digital photographs, options in color or black & white

  • Access to your own private gallery, where you can order prints and other items of your choosing

  • *Doula package clients save $50 off this service.