We are small.


In the case of hiring postpartum and lactation support, small is good. Small means more personalized, streamlined, and continuous support.

We are not a large agency. Because we only have six day doulas and six night doulas and we work in even smaller teams with each client, you always know who will be assisting your family.

When you hire us prenatally (or with enough notice before you need our services), you have the opportunity to meet our team—your team—of support professionals beforehand, so you can get to know each of us and so we can familiarize ourselves with your family’s needs.

The postpartum time is a vulnerable, intimate and unique time, so you may not want someone you’ve never met showing up at your door—especially when sometimes part of what we do is care for the baby/babies so you can sleep or have some self-care time!

We are available to you.


Why is having a small team of doulas better than just having one doula? The short answer is we are available to you and your needs—whatever that schedule may look like.

One doula can rarely be available 40+ hours a week, and she can even more rarely provide support during both days and nights.

By having our team of dedicated professionals serving your family, you’re more likely to get all the support you want when you want it, because we simply can cover more hours if needed.

Our small but mighty team can be with you every step of the way.