Ancient practice, modern process…

Placenta encapsulation is the process of preparing the placenta into capsules for the mother’s consumption. Anecdotal evidence shows many women feel that taking their placenta aids their milk production, boosts their energy, and stabilizes their mood. Using the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM), the placenta is rinsed, steamed, dehydrated and ground before it is placed into capsules. The raw method can also be used to encapsulate the placenta, in which the placenta is not steamed first. In both cases the end product is a jar full of 80-120 capsules. We also offer the option of half TM and half raw. All placenta preparation is done by a properly-trained professional encapsulator, with safety and quality of our utmost concern. *Doula package clients save 5% off this service.

TCM or Raw Method - $275*

Half TM and Half Raw - $300*