When the kids sleep, you sleep.

When you get the sleep you need, you are able to be the parent you envision yourself being to your child. When your child gets the sleep they need, they are happier and healthier, and life feels a lot more enjoyable. Sometimes though, teaching your child to do something that comes easily to you, can be one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of parenting, especially when you’re functioning on little sleep, desperately trying to get through each day and the long nights while doing your best to be the parent you want to be.

This is where we can help you. 

Our certified sleep consultant creates a customized plan that is specific to you and your family’s needs, so everyone sleeps better. We work together to help your baby become a better sleeper, which in turn, results in a family that sleeps better, functions better, and lives better. Let’s get you started and bring restful sleep back to your home for good.

All packages include:

 Personal and careful assessment of your child’s sleep challenges, sleep needs, and family lifestyle to create a customized sleep plan that will provide a path to sleep success while nurturing parent-child bonds, child’s confidence, and healthy sleep habits for everyone involved.

 Private consultation in your home to go over your child’s sleep plan and sleep resources.

 Personal assessment of your child’s nursery to ensure that your child has the optimal sleep sanctuary.

 Follow up coaching and support, as you work with your child to build their sleep skills and maintain the positive growth. This includes phone calls, emails, and sleep log communications.