You integrated gracefully and seamlessly into our family’s rhythms, and that was true from your very first visit. Your presence was gentle and supportive but never intrusive, and both my husband and I grew to trust your wise counsel as we adjusted to life with a second child. I especially cherished your support with breastfeeding. Thank you again for your loving support of our family!
— Dana, Mom of two, Minneapolis
Our Better Beginnings doula team was a great help to me in the weeks after my twins were born. They were kind and caring in making sure that I was taking care of myself in the early postpartum weeks. With twins I don’t know how else I would have been able to sleep! They were also very efficient in helping with all of the household tasks that take up so much time soon after babies are born. It was so nice that they could just walk into our house and assess what needed to be done, without a lot of guidance. Even though the twins were not my first children I still had a lot of postpartum questions that they helped answer, especially around lactation and nursing. I’m so glad Better Beginnings was there to help me!
— Kelly, Mom of twins, Minnetonka
As a father, our postpartum doula support allowed me to spend much more time bonding with my brand-new-baby than I would have otherwise. I was grateful for her help with the household tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and laundry, that would have otherwise kept me quite busy for the first weeks after our baby arrived. I would encourage families to hire a postpartum doula not just for the benefit of the mother, but also to allow partners and other family members more time to get to know their new child.
— Derric, Dad of Two, St. Paul
Better Beginnings was amazing. They helped out after we had our second child and truly was a godsend. Not only did they provide physical support, but our doulas also provided emotional support. Their realistic view on life after baby (whether its a first, second or more) made it very easy to connect and talk through not only questions and concerns but also to share the joys of the first few weeks. Our doulas were not just a valuable resource for me but also for my husband. I feel very lucky to have had their support and knowledge and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Better Beginnings to others and will definitely use them again if another child comes along.
— catherine, mom of three, eagan
Our doula was wonderful and such a great help at night. I am soooo glad that we decided to do this because getting a few days of good sleep makes such a difference. She was helpful with lactation issues and preemies as well.
— julie, mom of twins, eden priaire
Our postpartum doula help made our transition from one to two children so much easier and a more positive experience for everyone.  In those first few days after coming home from the hospital, everything can feel so overwhelming.  Having our doulas in our home to support the transition was amazing.  They encouraged me to rest and having them there to watch the baby really let me relax and know that everyone was in good hands.  They prepared several very delicious and nutritious meals for us during their days with us, with leftovers for additional days.  Although I had breastfed my oldest child, it was so helpful to hear suggestions and tips to make breastfeeding an easier experience for baby and mama! Our doulas were a supportive sounding board for how to integrate older children with a new baby, breastfeeding advice and support and ideas to handle newborn sleep challenges.  I’m so grateful for their time and attention during this period of adjustment for our family.  I know their support helped me to feel more confident in caring for my children and relaxed knowing I had a little extra help at home.
— kari, mom of three, edina
My doula was kind, compassionate, and honest with me. She helped me realize that I needed to also take care of myself as well as the baby for us to have a sustainable routine. I also took a nap for the first time in two weeks while home with baby, and while baby and I both rested, things magically got done around the house. Her help with household tasks, the meal, and baby care needs helped me for weeks to come. I really, truly appreciated our doula’s help and would recommend her visiting you or any of your friends to make sure they get off on the right foot as well!
— lindsay, mom of two, white bear lake
You were a great help during my postpartum period!  Out of the many valuable aspects of your visit, a few important elements spring to mind. First, there was no prep work on my part: no lists to be made, directions of how to warm a bottle, no tidying up.  It was liberating to let go of those details and have you jump in and partner with me from the beginning of our session. Second, your pleasant and calm demeanor was an invitation to open up with joys and concerns.  Though my family and friends are wonderful listeners, they often jump in to share stories or move on to other topics. However, your visit focused on me...and that was so appreciated.  You offered pertinent advice and relevant examples from your own experiences with two small children.  Finally, you seemed to really enjoy being with not only me, but also my toddler and newborn.  You offered to hold my baby before I realized my arms needed a break and fixed lunch for my toddler just how she liked.  Your quiet way of helping and anticipating what we each needed made this experience so valuable.
— kerby, mom of two, roseville